Volume V1, Issue 1, January 2023– June 2023 Download
1 Perception Of Rural Customers Towards Online Banking Services In Sivagangai District-J. Joshi and Dr. S. Nazeer Khan
2 The Role Of The National Narcotics Agency In The Eradication Of Narcotics In South Sulawesi Province-Sem Jonathan Rakinaung and Lisma Lumentut
3 The Role Of The Head Of Lembang In Government Based On Local Wisdom In North Toraja-Asher Tumbo and Lisma Lumentut
4 Startup Ecosystem And Its Impact On MSME With Reference To Tamil Nadu-G. Kavitha and V. Bala Thripurasundari
Volume V, Issue 2, July 2022– December 2022 Download
1 Blockchain: A Panacea For Cyber-Crime In Banking-U. Padmavathi , U. Sakthivelu and K. Lakshmi Narayanan
2 An Automatic Infant Cry Speech Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network-Satrughan Kumar Singh , Muniyan Sundararajan and Jainath Yadav
3 Bridgewaying Tourism & Environment: Proposing A Eco-Tourism Model-Dr. Partha Naskar
4 Analysis Of Control Strategies For Power Quality Enhancement In Micro-Grid-Manvika Singh and Vibhuti Rehalia
5 Knowledge, Attitude, And Practices Of Parents Regarding Care And Breastfeeding Of Babies Admitted In Nicu And Picu-Dr. Ashok Kumar Dhanwal , Rajendra Kumar Sahu and Maitri Chaudhuri
Volume V, Issue 1, January 2022– June 2022 Download
1 A Study On Impact of Employee Engagement And Effectiveness At Work Place-M. Lalitha
2 A Theoretical View on Popularity Of Mobile Apps In Hospitality Industry: Pre And Post Covid Era-Arjinder Kaur
3 Frege and Russell On Descriptive Theory Of Reference-Dr. Krishna Paswan
4 Teaching English Language For Indian Students: (A Study On The Problems Faced In English Language At Various States Of India And Finding Solutions For Them)-Dr. Joel Zinzendorf J and Dr. Jayanthi Rajendran
5 Art Of Printmaking as a Science And Commerce-Ashima Goel
Volume IV, Issue 2, July 2021 – December 2021 Download
1 The Effect Of Utilising The World Heritage Sites Status On The Delhi Trip Experience-Monisha Juneja, Dr. Swati Sharma and Prof. Mamata Bhatnagar
2 The Importance Of Infrastructure Development In Tourism Industry: Revival Strategy In Post Covid-19 Pandemic Period-Manali Gupta
3 The Intersection Of Advertising Ethics And Culture In The Context Of Social Media-Mr. Swapnil Sardar, Mr. Tushar Tingote
4 To Study The Skills Of The Budget Hotel Employees Working In The Nagpur Region-Mr. Swapnil Sardar, Mr. Tushar Tingote
Volume IV, Issue 1, January 2021 – June 2021 Download
1 Impact Of Advertising Appeal On Branding Of Consumer Goods In The Contemporary World-Dr. Gautam Jaiswal
2 Perceived Risk And Anxiety Among Tourist Visiting Andhra Pradesh-Dr. Kota Neela Mani Kanta, Dr. Uday Sankar Allam, Dr. C Kiranmai, Dr.Pichili Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy and Dr. P Srivalli
3 Universal banking in india: Future scenario-Mrs. Richa Aggarwal and Dr. Shubhra Garg
4 Women Empowerment –Psychological Aspects At Work Place-Dr. Smita
Volume III, Issue 2, July 2020 – December 2020 Download
1 Effects of COVID-19 on Hotel Marketing and Management-Mr Parikshit Das & Mr Siddharth Agarwal
2 Embryonic strategies to revitalize India’s tourism industry post-COVID-19-Ravishankar Balakrishnan & Vipin Singh
3 India vs covid-19: The Real Pandemic Challenge-Vipin Singh & Ravishankar Balakrishnan
4 A Nutritionist view of Covid 19 and how to combat it-Dr DeeptiVerma, Head-Nutrition
5 Measuring service quality in the hotel Industry: An Assessment of the SERVQUAL Model-Tushar Ashok Tingote
6 Occupational Health and Safety for Hotel Housekeepers: A Brief Study-Vipin Singh, Dr. Suvojit Ganguly
Volume III, Issue 1, January 2020 – June 2020 Download
1 Gluten-Free food- an Insight on What to eat and what to avoid-Chef Pawan Ailawadi
2 ‘The Doorway to the development of Hospitality and Tourism- Katastasizois’-Ms Megha Sharma
3 Probable Implementation strategies for Hospitality Higher Education Studies based on New Education Policy 2020-Suraj Jaywant Yadav
4 Web Engineering Reuse-Pardeep Mehta
Volume II, Issue 2, July 2019 – December 2019 Download
1 A delayed predator-prey system with modified Holling-Tanner response-Charu Arora
2 Development of Industry 4.0 Technology Domains for a Steel Melting Shop-Gyati Chatung and Muralidhar Manapuram
3 Talent Management Strategies in Industry 4.0-M.Lalitha
4 The study use of artificial intelligence in changing dynamics of Market Research-Dr. Swati Suryanarayanan
5 Green HRM-A Future HR Strategy-Dr. T.Sowdamini and B.Silpa
6 Emerging Influential and Ambush Marketing-S. Arshiya Quadri and P. Dheeraj kumar
7 Smart and Green Manufacturing Eco System-Fathima Sha Quadhari
7 Emerging Influential and Ambush Marketing in the Overall Ambit of Industry 4.0 Subtlety in Ambush Marketing-Ms. Rita Singh
8 A conceptual study on Ethics and social responsibility in industry 4.0-Manjula .R
9 Ethics and corporate social responsibility, industry 4.0-Manoj Kumar
Volume II, Issue 1, January 2019 – June 2019 Download
1 An empirical study on non- performing assets of Commercial banks in India-Prof.Riyazuddin
2 Impact of Foreign Institutional Investment (FII) on Indian Stock Market: An Empirical Study-Dr. Sangeeta Sahni
3 Transformational Leadership: Gaining importance in Current scenario-Ms. Simran Kaur
4 Implementation of Green HRM Practices in Organizations-Ms Smita Barik
5 Role of Corporate Communication During An Economic Crisis-Imran Ali
6 Consumer Perception On Online Marketing-Dr. Ranchay Bhateja
Volume 1, Issue 1, July 2018 – December 2018 Download
1 Impacts Of The Policy Of Devaluation Of Home Currency On International Trade Of The Country-Dr. (Prof.) Sharad Kumar Goel
2 Insurance Industry: Retention Of Front Line Sales Team-Swati Jain, Dr. Sonal Kapoor
3 Moonlighting- The Emerging Era-Sanjana Tewari
4 Impact of Demonetization On Banking Sector With Reference To Ghaziabad City-Dr. Richa Agrawal
5 Effects of community radio on women health-Ritika Bora
6 E-Waste – Issues And Remedies-Shivani Sagar, Komal Yadav